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Recognizing USA Chapter, HAT TAF International

Annual Water Festivals

HEREAS, Healing and Teaching Temple of African Faith International, (HATTAF International), United States Chapter works to bring awareness to water conservation issues and other important issues pertaining to water and consumers; and

HEREAS, HATTAF International has branches throughout the United States of America, London and Nigeria. It is a peaceful and spiritual organization that recognizes the important effects of water for all human needs; and

HEREAS, water is a necessity for all life on earth both simple and complex organisms; and

HEREAS, without water, there would be no human form on earth and currently there is very little drinkable and usable water on earth; and

HEREAS, Sacramento has brought great recognition to water conservation issues by co-hosting an Annual Water Festival for the people.

OW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the City of Sacramento, that we do hereby recognize the first Saturday in the month of November as Sacramento's Water Festival Day.

ISSUED: This 3rd Day ofNovember 2012                                               CR2012-143

HATTAF International

Vendors and Non profit organizations

Annual HATTAF Sacramento Water Festival


Further Manifestation of  MOTHER OSUN SENGESE:



Although the Water Festival has been celebrated in Sacramento, California for the past eleven years, many people have often wondered about its origin. Dr. High Priest Ifagbenusola Olalekan Ojeleke Omileye Atanda, the founder and president of HATTAF International, and Osun Festival in Sacramento, sheds light on evidence of Yeye Osun’s presence in Sacramento, CA. We present below the words of Dr. High Priest Ifagbenusola Olalekan Ojeleke Omileye Atanda.

“When I came to Sacramento, I stayed in the house of one of my god children, on Lotus Avenue, off

Freeport Blvd. One morning, while working out, my host took me to the bank of a river nearby named SACRAMENTO. I immediately developed a profound love for the river. The place became a favorite site for my workout routine.

One day after exercising, I sat by the riverbank to rest and meditate;  my legs were in the river. After a while I removed my legs from the water only to discover that gold particles had formed a chain around my feet. The occurrence piqued my curiosity and I began asking questions about the river.

I later met a friend named Mike who is a native of Sacramento and very knowledgeable about the history of the city. It was from Mike that I heard that the city of Sacramento was named after a woman who performed numerous miraculous healing with the power of water. The woman was called Madam SACRAMENT, hence her city came to be known as SACRAMENTO.  I was also made to know that

Sacramento had the greatest gold mines in California. Sacramento is named and called THE GOLDEN CITY of  California. The city has three rivers namely:  Sacramento, American, and Russian.. It thrilled me to know that two of these three rivers met somewhere. The two rivers that joined together are the Sacramento and American rivers.

During one of the meetings of HATTAF, USA, I told the members all the information I’d been able to gather about Sacramento and I requested to know more. I wanted to know the exact and physical meeting point of the two rivers. I appreciate the singular and great effort of my godchild ,Maia IFALAMI Morton, who took me to the spot - the area called  “THE DISCOVERY PARK.” Anyone who has been to Osogbo city in Nigeria, seen and can recognize the color  of Osun Water, will definitely have something special to say when he or she sees the point at which the two rivers join at the Discovery Park.

Osun water is healing water. Osun is associated with gold. Osun is called AGBARA-AGBO because of the color. These are not simple coincidences. “ORE YEYE OSUN  O!"

Iponri Awo ko pe eji. This means the source of Awo is only one; the source of our religion is one;

Ifa/Olorisa source is one;  therefore we are all one.  Whether you practice Candomble, Santeria, Lukumi, Voodun, or Yoruba Orisa system, we are all one. Let’s come together in the spirit of water. Water has no enemy.”

-   Dr. High Priest Ifagbenusola Olalekan Ojeleke Omileye Atanda

Ore Yeye O!