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HATTAF promotes the principles of Excellence, Empowerment, Restoration and Healing, through the wisdom of God contained in the Odus of Ifa                         ( encyclopedia of creation) for Personal Achievement naturally and spiritually. HATTAF offers a renewed sense of hope to those who are....

Imperial Spiritual Majesty Dr. Sola Atanda was born in Osogbo, Nigeria. He was trained and educated in the Traditional African Religion of the Yoruba people of Nigeria, IFA or 'Indigenous Faith of Africa', by the late Araba of Lagos, Chief Ifasina Agboola.

Imperial Spiritual Majesty

Ifagbenusola Atanda

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Our Misson

HATTAF is a tax exempt  501 (c) (3) religious organization founded by Imperial Spiritual Majesty Dr. Ifagbenusola Atanda.

Healing  And Teaching  Temple of African Faith