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Trip to Nigeria

Six members of HATTAF International, Mexico traveled to Nigeria, January, 2005, to be intiated into the traditional indigenous Yoruba faith as 'Iyawo Ifa'. This was a seminal event because these six members were the first from the HATTAF International, Mexico Chapter to go to Nigeria. 

Each of these HATTAF International, Mexico members have long, productive histories in the Orisa and Ifa communities in Mexico. They included the Mexico City, HATTAF International Temple's President, General Secretary, Abore and three active general members. 

Intiation of the six Mexico Chapter members as 'Iyawo Ifa' was officiated by the founder and Worldwide President of HATTAF International, Chief High Priest Ifagbenusola Atanda, Aseda Awo of Osogboland, Aare Alasa of Osogbo and Asiwaju Awo Agbaye. Some of the precious moments experienced by the new initiates are captured in photographs on the Gallery page.

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