(1) We believe that Olodumare - God Almighty is the Creator of the Universe and all things in it.

(2) We share a profound respect for the sacred source and wisdom of African faith in the Orisa tradition.

(3) We believe that Olodumare is the ONE, who breaths the life force into man and woman that makes them viable, rational and "intelligent " individuals.

(4) We believe that Olodumare assigns destiny and controls it.

(5) We listen and speak with respect in order to deepen mutual understanding and trust.

(6) We address conflict through practices of healing, reconciliation and non-violence.

(7) We seek and offer cooperation with other interfaith organizations.

(8) We welcome, as friends, those who subscribe to our purpose and principles.

(9) We deliberate and make decisions in a manner reflective of diversity, democracy and the Yoruba practice of patience ( "suuru").

(10) We, as members of HATTAF International maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

With temples in Nigeria, Britain, Mexico, and United States the Healing Teaching Tourism Temple of African Faith (HATTAF) was founded by Chief Priest Ifagbenusola Atanda in California in the year 1988.  HATTAF is an international temple committed to promoting and propagating Yoruba indigenous African faith, spirituality and culture. HATTAF organizes initiations, workshops, seminars, nature veneration ceremonies and tours to Nigeria.
HATTAF promotes the principles of Excellence, Empowerment, Restoration and Healing, through the wisdom of God contained in the Odus ( encyclopedia of creation) for Personal Achievement naturally and spiritually. HATTAF offers a renewed sense of hope to those who are lost and hurting. ​

HATTAF International

 Founded: 1988

Owner: HATTAF International

Areas of expertise: 
African traditional religion and culture​

Our Mission

We seek to:                                                  

(1) Promote and propagate Yoruba indigenous
African faith, spirituality and culture.

(2) Encourage and propagate congregational
worship in the ancient Yoruba African
religious system.

(3) Establish temples, institutes, instructional
programs and projects that enhance,
support, and promote African spirituality,
healing arts, and culture of Yoruba origin.

(4) Establish libraries and museums for
the preservation of Yoruba African indigenous
religious artifact, elements and materials.

(5) Promote interfaith/inter-cultural exchanges
that enhance advancement of African
spiritual practices.


              Fundamental Tenets:

Who We Are

HATTAF International